Monday, 23 February 2015

Oscars: Best Dressed

Did you watch the Oscars last night?  It is my favorite awards show to watch.....mostly for the fashion.  To be honest, I was underwhelmed with this years gowns but I was able to find 5 that I liked (a lot).

5.  Anna Kendrick
Although this dress sort of reminds me of a bridesmaids 
dress, I loved it!

4.  Jennifer Aniston
I am a sucker for sparkly dresses.  I don't love the mesh part on 
the bottom but overall, it's a winner!

3.  Cate Blanchett
I loved the simplicity of this look - like this is something I could put 
together myself for a special night out.  That necklace though... 

2.  Anna Faris
Again with the sparkle....this dress stole my heart!

And the winner is.......

1.  Reese Witherspoon
Chic, elegant, timeless - I LOVE this look!

Did you watch the Oscars?  Who wore your favorite gown?

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Thursday, 12 February 2015

My Current Budget

Although my blog is not just about finance anymore, I still thought I'd share where I'm at with my budget and where my money goes each month.  Here we go:

Rent, Utilities & Insurance - 39%
I'm totally okay with this amount as it covers my rent, cell phone, cable & internet, hydro and rental insurance.

Transportation - 4%
I currently don't have a car so this is just the cost of my monthly bus pass.

Food - 6.25%
It's just me so I am totally able to eat, and quite well I will add, on this amount.  I usually try to spend the same each week but some weeks I stock up on items and have less to spend the next week.

Miscellaneous - 4%
This includes laundry money, Netflix, bank fees, medication and saving for dentist visits.

Fun Money - 5%
This is for lunches at work, going to the movies, dinner with friends - anything that is fun.

Vacation - 11%
Travel is what fuels my soul and is extremely important to me.  I am more than happy to give up going out for lunch everyday to explore the world.

RRSP & Investments - 8.5%
This is the amount I save from my take home pay.  I have RRSP contributions at work with company matching so in total with amount is closer to 20%.

Savings - 10%
Different from my long term savings, this amount represents different categories of savings.  Right now the three categories are: car savings, general savings and short term savings for clothes, haircuts, etc.

Debt - 12%
I can hear you right now, "I thought you had no debt" and for the most part you are right.  I didn't change this category after I paid off all my debt and it's working for me.  Most months this money goes into my vacation fund as I'm headed on a pretty pricey vacation in a few months but this amount also helps cover the odd dinner that I put on my credit card or ukulele lessons.  I also use this money for my monthly giving. 

Right now this budget is really working for me.  I love that I have flexibility in it with the buffer of the "debt" category.  Once we receive our raises at work, I will reevaluate.

How is your budget working for you?  Do you have a buffer?

Monday, 9 February 2015

Let's Talk Trash - January Empties

I've got lots of great empties to share from last month, so let's get started!

Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine Perfume - this is my signature scent.  It has all sorts of different orange scents like blood orange and bitter orange mixed with tonka bean and sandalwood.  Love, Love, Love this!!!

Bumble & Bumble Tonic Lotion - I've talked about this in the past.  I consider this to be the secret to my healthy hair.

John Frieda Color Renew Tone Correcting  Shampoo - I use this about once a week to get my highlights true to color.  In the summer I use the shampoo and conditioner at our cottage every wash as our well water is awful.

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Wash - I love citrus scents and this is my favorite by The Body Shop.  It's like being in an orange grove.  I will definitely purchase this again.

Colgate Optic White - my go-to toothpaste.  I love the taste and how white it makes my teeth.  I will continue to purchase.

Aussie 3-minute Miracle Conditioner - I haven't been able to find this in Canada for quite a few years so I stock up when I go to the USA.  I love the way it smells and how much moisture it provides.  I use this about twice a week.

My Beauty Diary Coix Seed Sheet Mask - A colleague went to Korea and I asked him to pick up a few masks for me.  This mask was clarifying and moisturizing - love it!!  Wish we could get them here easily.

Bath & Body Works Cider Lane Candle - This is one of my favorite candles ever!  The notes are mulled cider, warm caramel and sweet cinnamon.

My Beauty Diary Aloe Sheet Mask - This mask is moisturizing and soothing.  Another love.

Gillette Satin Care in Flower Passion - I typically use this when I travel.  It's inexpensive, smells nice and leaves my legs feeling soft.

Origins GinZing Eye Cream - Of all the eye creams I've used to date, this is my favorite.  It's light weight but provides a lot of moisture.  It has a brightening effect and makes my under eyes look less tired.

Static Guard - This is a staple for me.  I wear a lot of flowy shirts and I like to spray them so they don't stick to my camis.

What have you used up?  Any great suggestions?